Hi, I'm Shiann (like Cheyenne) but please, just call me Shi! 


Here are a few little tidbits:

  • 1992: I was born in California into a large family, the youngest of 15 children (not all biological!) 
  • 2008: I moved to Humboldt County
  • 2010: I began working at one of 'Humboldt's Best' local Grocery Stores and I am still here 11 years later, but now I'm helping run the show!
  • 2015: I met the man of my dreams, towing his pretty little blue-eyed baby-girl alongside him, I quickly fell in love with them both
  • 2019: I started my photography journey

Over the last few years, I have connected with many families for their photography needs. My goal is to provide you with amazing photos and a great experience. I am happy to photograph children, couples, and families, even those sometimes grumpy ones that may not love having their photos taken. All you have to do is bring your cute little selves and I’ll worry about the rest! Feel free to bring your animals, they're your family, too!

I will do my best to direct and guide you so you look and feel your best in your photos. I also minimally retouch your photos, so don’t worry about that pesky zit that showed up uninvited to your session, or the bruise on your two-year-old’s head he always manages to get right before family photos.


I will happily chat on Facebook, Instagram, and text! Phone calls are great, too! Please email me to schedule a phone chat as I work full-time in addition to photography.